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Actual offers

We focuse on custom manufacturing according to customer request. We produce various plastic and sheet-metal parts and their combinations not only for electro-technical industry but also for other branches e.g. building industry, telecommunication, promotional article. We offer our services to both manufacturing companies (e.g. Outsourcing) and companies with its own project or know-how that are looking for a manufacturer for its products. Our efficiency, flexibility and short delivery terms are the base for functional business relation ship..

Presently we offer:

  • our customers a work assembly of semi products that were produced in our place in advance and its testing, packaging and direct deliveries to your customers (e.g. building site, collection spot ...and others). ...see presentation workshop-assembly;
  • utilization of our machinery (injection moulding shop, stamping shop)
  • in our toolshop the unit production of special plastic or metal parts according to customers drawings, including hardening or other surface treatments (toolshop)
  • Of course there is a comprehensive approach, including the production and maintenance of forms and tools, 3D drawings and models, providing prototyping, testing ... etc.

For more information contact us on the address under (contact here).

  • plastic and metal parts
  • custom production
  • short delivery terms
  • flexibility
  • machine processing
  • own toolroom

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